"Last year, I was contacted by Mr. George Lopez of the Port Orange Paranormal Society, they had an interest in performing an investigation of The Sorrel-Weed House, a haunted historical property I co-own with a business partner in Savannah, Georgia. From arrival to departure, I cannot say enough about the professionalism of this group--they were well organized, easy to deal with, and extremely well equipped and informed on the subject of paranormal activity. In fact, when all set up, their equipment in the main room looked like mission control at NASA. Further, Mr. Lopez had really done his homework; he knew the rich history of the house, the chain of owners dating back to 1840, and was very knowledgeable about the haunted history of Savannah. Upon departure, Mr. Lopez advised me that they would take their data and recordings they had collected--fully analyze the content, and present their findings within two weeks. Right on schedule they did--and what they found was nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend this group of people--if you're looking for a team of true professionals to take on a paranormal investigation, these are the ones you want, period."

John Berner
Co-owner, Sorrel-Weed House
Savannah, Georgia
July 11, 2009

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