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    Interested in the paranormal? Port Orange Paranormal Society welcomes new members as space and case availability permit.  Send us an email and let us know what interests you about this field.  Sorry, but you must be at least 18 years of age to be a member of our team.  We are based out of Port Orange, Florida, just south of Daytona Beach, so your relation to our location is probably primary for your convenience. Keep in touch!





The benefits of growing technology and educated awareness of this field has allowed The Port Orange Paranormal Society to provide you with professional, discreet in-depth investigations regarding your concerns and interests.  Our teams are dedicated to the primary concerns of the client including privacy, safety and peace of mind.

Our objective in each case is to obtain evidence of paranormal activity by use of various electronic recording devices, both visual and audible in nature, as a means of substantiating a clients claims or concerns of unexplained events. This equipment is only used in conjunction with the client's permission and cooperation.

This is not our only goal, however, as your peace of mind is primary.  We will meet with our clients initially to discuss any and all occurrences and, with personal attention and sincere empathy, try to provide a better understanding of what may be happening.  What this effort is intended for is to better clarify for the client what they are experiencing, be it paranormal or normal explanations.

Trying to disprove or "debunk" evidence of paranormal activity is a necessary part of any paranormal investigation in order to not only further validate any evidence collected, but to provide the client with possible explanations to unexplained occurrences that may have been considered paranormal.

In the event that we are able to collect evidence showing paranormal activity, both the case evidence as well as the details surrounding the case will not be publicized, but may be used for training purposes within the Port Orange Paranormal Society's research team, with permission of the client.

Finally, we will discuss with the client any and all evidence collected and, if requested or needed, help to educate the client as to the nature of the activity, which more often than not is harmless contact with no malicious intent.

No fees or obligations are connected to any of our investigations.  All costs are the sole responsibility of our organization.

The "Port Orange Paranormal Society" has had the privileges of working with many of the celebrities of the paranormal research world and has had the opportunity to investigate famous haunted landmarks including "The Stanley Hotel" in Estes Park, Colorado and the St. Augustine lighthouse.  We invite you to take a tour of some of the evidence we have been fortunate enough to collect over the well as sending us some of the evidence you may have collected and wish us to research as well.  Whether you are a fan of the paranormal, an investigator, or simply curious George, you will find something in our sightings section to spark your interests.

George R. Lopez
Port Orange Paranormal Society

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